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Layered Jello with Yogurt

The white layer uses yogurt. The other layers can be any flavor you like, and as many layers as you like.
Author: Ginger


Use as many layers of each as you wish

    Ingredients for White-Yogurt Layer

    • 1 pkg. .25 oz unflavored gelatin (such as Knox)
    • 1/4 cup cold water
    • 1 cup vanilla yogurt
    • 1/2 cup boiling water
    • 1/4 cup boiling water yes, again

    Ingredients for Flavored Jello Layer

    • 2 - 3 oz. pkgs. or 1 - 6 oz. pkg any flavor jello
    • 1 pkg. .25 oz unflavored gelatin
    • 2 cups boiling water*

    For Serving

    • whipped topping if desired


    Directions for White-Yogurt Layer

    • In a large bowl, sprinkle one package unflavored gelatin over 1/4 cup cold water.
    • In a separate medium bowl, combine vanilla yogurt and 1/2 cup boiling water. Mix well to blend.
    • Add 1/4 cup boiling water to the large bowl of gelatin mixture. Mix well to dissolve.
    • Add the yogurt mixture to the gelatin mixture and stir gently to mix. Set aside, at room temperature, while preparing the other jello layers.

    Directions for Flavored Jello Layer

    • In a large bowl combine 6 oz. flavored jello and 1 package unflavored gelatin. Add 2 cups boiling water*. Stir gently until completely dissolved. Set aside for at least 15 minutes to allow to cool before adding it to layers of partially set jello.

    Directions for Layering the Jello

    • Using non-stick spray, lightly spray the bottom and sides of a 9 x 13 pan. Pour your first layer of flavored jello into pan. Set pan in freezer, (as flat a surface as possible) and let chill for about 15 minutes, or while preparing the next layer of jello.
    • Next layer may be the white-yogurt layer. Remove pan from freezer and gently pour** the yogurt-gelatin over the previous layer of jello.**
    • Repeat this for each layer of jello.
    • When all layers are complete, place in refrigerator to set completely (about 4 hours).
    • Remove from refrigerator when set and cut with cookie cutters or slice into squares with a sharp knife. Serve.


    Split layers in half if you wish: divide each gelatin mixture in half, and each of the layers will be thinner.
    *To speed up cooling and set time, use just a couple tablespoons less than 2 cups of boiling water. Once gelatin is completely dissolved, add a few ice cubes-to total 2 cups, stir gently once they melt. It is important that the jello mixture that is being poured onto the prior layer is cooled down enough that it does not melt the prior layer.
    **When pouring the next layer, use a large spoon as a 'buffer'- position the spoon close to the prior layer and pour the jello into it, as it will create a gentle water fall and cushion the blow to the soft jello bellow.
    Do not freeze the jello for more than 20 minutes at a time. Freezing will ruin the jello if left too long.